Find your preferred parking spot and the locations of the payment machines.

    The Wharf, basement 1 parking

    The Wharf, basement 2 parking


    The Boulevard, ground parking



    Applicable to The Wharf and Boulevard parking area

    • Per Hour                                        AED 20/-
    • Maximum fee for 24h               AED 200/-
    • Additional hours beyond 24H, normal parking fee of AED 20/- will apply
    • Spend a minimum of AED 100 at any participating retailer at Bluewaters and get complimentary parking for up to three (3) hours upon validation.
    • Two hours free parking between 12pm and 2pm for Friday Prayer (Applicable to The Boulevard only).

    For annual parking access, please contact the Mall Management at


    Spend a minimum of AED 100 at any participating retailer at Bluewaters and get complimentary parking for up to three (3) hours upon validation.

    Click here to view the participating retailers

    *You can only validate your parking at one participating retailer

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    Earn 1% points on the standard AED 20 per hour fee whenever you pay with your linked card.

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    Valet parking is available in four locations on Bluewaters

    The Wharf:

    • Valet 1 near to TR88HOUSE/Madame Tussauds
    • Valet 2 near to DRVN by Porsche

    The Wharf, Valet Pricing:

    • Standard valet services, AED 55
    • VIP valet services, AED 110

    The Boulevard:

    • Outside Building 7 near Franprix Supermarket
    • Outside Building 9 near to Scarlet Bakery

    The Boulevard, Valet Pricing:

    • Standard valet services, AED 55
    • Orange parking is best for visiting the Boardwalk retailers and restaurants.
    • Turquoise parking is best for visiting Madame Tussauds, CLAY, Tr88House and HIVE Food Court.
    • Purple parking is best for visiting The Wharf; DRVN by Porsche, Mado and Atelier Optics.
    • Blue parking is best for visiting Brass Monkey, VAGA and L’ETO.



    Entry to or use of the car park is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. This Terms and Conditions shall be binding on every person entering the car park, with or without vehicle (the “Customer”) and every person who may have any interest in the vehicle being parked in the car park (a “vehicle”), or in any of the contents of such vehicle. By entering the car park, the Customer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this Terms and Conditions. If the Customer doesn’t agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions, may please proceed to the nearest exit.


    Entry to or use of the car park is at the Customer’s own risk. Bluewaters Retail LLC (or any of its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies (“Bluewaters”) are not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for any theft, loss, damage or injury to any person or vehicle or any property on or in the vehicle howsoever caused. Without limitation, Bluewaters will not be liable to the Customer in relation to:

    The death of or injury to persons caused by act or omission by the Customer; or Theft, any loss, destruction or damage to, any vehicle, its parts or accessories, any property on or in a vehicle or elsewhere in the car park or any damage to the car park, arising out of, or in any way relating to the use of the car park by the Customer or any person accompanying the Customer.

    The Customer is required, in the event of any accident at the car park (whether involving a vehicle or otherwise), or any theft from a vehicle at the car park, or any other incidents, to immediately report to security personnel and inform Dubai Police.

    The Customer agrees to indemnify Bluewaters against all actions, proceedings, claims, losses or costs arising from or in connection with the Customer’s breach of this Terms and Conditions and/or the Customer’s use of the car park, including in relation to any loss or damage to any vehicle or property or car park and the death of or injury to persons.


    Customers are required:

    • To comply with all car park rules, signs and directions and to follow the instruction of Bluewaters personnel including (but without limitation) speed limit.
    • Gain access to or remove a vehicle only during the hours we display in the car park. Overnight parking is prohibited.
    • To park their vehicle within a marked parking space and not to park in any area marked as no parking or reserved area. Parking in the aisles is forbidden.
    • Not to obstruct any other persons or vehicles using the car park.
    • Not to use parking bays set aside for mobility impaired and/or disabled persons unless they are lawfully entitled to use these bays and display clearly on the vehicle a current permit.
    • Not to use the car park for any purpose or use other than parking of vehicles;
    • Not to engage in any commercial activities (such as distribute handbills or pamphlets or brochure), or any activity connected with the sale, hire or other disposal of a vehicle.
    • Not bring or leave in the car park any offensive, hazardous or dangerous substance or flammable and explosive materials, nor anything which may be or become a danger, nuisance or inconvenience to us or to any person lawfully in or about the car park.
    • Not to carry out vehicle repairs, modifications or refuelling in the car park, except in an emergency.

    Parking Fee:

    The Customer must pay a Parking Fee at any pay station at the Bluewaters parking in order to use the car park facility.

    • Cash and credit card payment are accepted at the pay stations.
    • Pay stations accept AED 10, 20, 50, 100 bank notes.
    • Parking fees will be charged in accordance with the schedule of fees displayed in the car park. Bluewaters reserves the right to change these fees from time to time.
    • The Customer is entitled to 3 hour(s) free parking with validation at participating retailers at the Bluewaters island, any additional hours an applicable fee will be charged.
    • The Customer must pay the Parking Fee at a pay station before exiting the car park. Upon payment, the Customer must exit the car park within 20 minutes from the time of payment. If the Customer fails to exit the car park within the aforesaid period, a new parking period commences in respect of which a new Parking Fee is payable.
    • Parking fees will apply if re-entering the car park within 2 hours.
    • Exiting the car park without paying the Parking Fee is prohibited. Bluewaters is entitled to prevent exit of a vehicle from the car park until the Parking Fee is paid.
    • Exiting the car park without payment, by i.e. tailgating another vehicle under the barrier, is explicitly prohibited.
    • The rights under this clause are without prejudice to Bluewaters’s rights to claim compensation of actual consequential damages or losses.In the event that any vehicle is left in the car park for 48 hours or more will be reported to local authorities.

    Valet Parking:

    The car park contains car spaces which are for Valet Parking services. These Valet Parking services are provided by a third-party operator not by Bluewaters. Therefore, Bluewaters has no responsibility and/or liability for the provision of Valet Parking services.


    Upon entrance of the car park, Bluewaters captures the vehicle’s plate number and vehicle information through number plate recognition cameras and parking guidance systems for the purposes of providing ticketless parking services.

    The information we collect assists Bluewaters to manage and improve the operation of Bluewater including the car park area. Bluewaters use this information for measuring and analysing car parking dwell times and shopper behaviour, marketing purposes, determining parking fees, security purposes and to assist you to locate available car spaces and your vehicle.

    Two hours free parking between 12pm and 2pm for Friday Prayer