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Bring a piece of Dubai home.
Here’s how you can decorate your home with cool travel souvenirs courtesy of Discover Dubai, Arabia to Go and Camel Company.

We’re giving you some tips and tricks on great ways to display travel souvenirs. We found some great pieces from Discover Dubai, Arabia to Go and Camel Company and here’s how you can incorporate the pieces into your homes. Happy Shopping!

Arabia to Go and Camel Company pieces shown in the video:
- Geo pink plate: AED 29
- Hamsa wall art 20cm x 20cm: AED 99
- Large camel with saddle: AED 89
- Colourful cushion 45cm x 45cm: AED 249
- Camel Ceramics: AED 315

Discover Dubai pieces shown in the video:
- Shawl used as a throw: AED 115
- Globe: AED 90
- Coffee pot: AED 184
- Flower vase: AED 90


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