Mar 12

FRANK Launches at Bluewaters Island Dubai

The meat-focused restaurant features a free-spirited urban ambience and generous portions.

The meat-focused restaurant features a free-spirited urban ambience and generous portions.


FRANK, a meat-focused casual dining spot fusing fun hip-hop vibes with urban cheer is set to welcome the new year by launching into Dubai’s F&B scene at Bluewaters Island in January 2024. Featuring a meticulously crafted meat-infused menu with family-friendly options, a modern ambience and trendy interiors, the restaurant prides itself on cultivating urban culture while offering something for everyone to enjoy.

FRANK is a well-known international brand that focuses on providing affordable and open flame-cooked food. It’s also renowned for its collaborative venue with the famed musician Vasily Vakulenko (Basta). FRANK's concept has gradually transformed into a cultural hub celebrating live performances, relaxed service, and authentic music, eventually leading to an expansion into Dubai, UAE.

Meat enthusiasts can expect a mouthwatering experience at FRANK with a plethora of meat-focused dishes on offer. The eatery’s signature dish consists of unique lamb chops that undergo an elaborate cooking process, ensuring a depth of unparalleled flavor with hearty portions. Served with a variety of exquisite sauces and dips, each bite offers a delicate taste into the dish’s craftsmanship that delights the palate and satisfies meat cravings, thereby leading the way to hearts through the ribs.

The restaurant features a distinctive menu with over seventy original dishes, highlighting a focus on 'BONES'—variations of lamb chops prepared according to the eatery's signature recipes. Additionally, the menu offers a variety of grilled delicacies, steaks, appetizers, salads, and iconic burgers, including the eatery's signature Cheesy Killer—a cheese sauce-infused beef burger, and the classic FRANK cheeseburger.

FRANK’s menu is designed in a newspaper format and features a children's menu. Offering a Kids Box with a toy and brand-themed coloring depicting the journey of the FRANK's main mascots — a rugged dinosaur and a cute sheep.

FRANK’S bar provides a variety of beverages to accompany its hearty cuisine including craft beers, signature cocktails and seasonal lemonades. Its cocktail menu features bold and ironic mixed drinks like the fresh and fruity FOR HER, the dense dessert SNICKERS PIE, the sour and original OLIVE GIMLET and many more.

Designed by the internationally renowned DA Bureau, the restaurant features a diverse synthesis of various materials and architectural ideas. On the first level, the eatery sports a rough and sturdy atmosphere with a seamless combination of concrete, iron, and glass that is juxtaposed against the grandeur of massive wooden tables. On the other hand, the second is sleek and dynamic featuring vibrant neon signs, a chic contact bar counter and an alluring DJ console that promises exhilarating parties with world-class DJs.

With weekly offers launching soon, FRANK ensures a diverse and enjoyable dining experience for all with a juicy array of meat options. Whether it's a lively gathering, a cozy family lunch or dinner, or a celebratory birthday affair, the eatery’s free-spirited ambience, enthusiastic staff, hip-hop tunes, and generous portions encourage diners to unwind and savor the moment. Additionally, families can partake in a range of engaging activities for children, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their visit.

For more information, check out can either walk in or make a reservation by contacting +971 52 455 4708.

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