Outside The Box
Craving sanctuary?
Read on to find the right ideas for you to create your own peaceful sanctuary at home courtesy of Qua Spa.
If you’re thinking of creating the perfect sanctuary in your home, look at these steps brought to you by Ayuko Suzuki, spa manager at award-winning spa, Qua Spa. 
1.    Routine, Routine, Routine. 
Stick to your regular timings. Wake up, shower and prepare for the day.

2.    Sleep
Maintain a usual bedtime. Here are some tips that are proven to make you sleep better:
-         Exercise
-         Light dinner
-         Chamomile tea

3.    Get moving

Move your body every hour and remember to:
-         Stretch 
-         Take deep breathes
-         Drink plenty of water

4.    Ambiance and Aroma

An essential oil diffusor can be a big boost to support your mood throughout the day. Lemon, orange or peppermint oil are great for uplifting and to aid focus try a blend of lemon and basil.

5.    Immunity Boost

Consume superfoods to boost your immune system. Superfoods to look out for:
-         Blueberries
-         Broccoli
-         Green Tea
  • Delicious home-made tacos!
  • Easy-to-make Guacamole

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