Out and about as easy as A.B.C

We want your visit to Bluewaters to be fun and straightforward. We've set up a range of convenient services that will make your life easier, from valet parking to bathrooms for people of determination, baby-changing stations to baby strollers, prayer rooms to wheelchairs, and more.

  • Parking
    Enjoy complimentary parking in all the parking garages at Bluewaters. Know more
  • Valet parking
    Valet parking is available in four locations on Bluewaters
    The Wharf;
    Valet 1 near to TR88HOUSE/Madame Tussauds
    Valet 2 near to DRVN by Porsche

    The Boulevard;
    Outside Building 7 near Franprix Supermarket
    Outside Building 9 near to Scarlet Bakery

    Each location offers the service starting from AED 55
  • Information hubs
    Collect your map of Bluewaters from our Customer Information Desk next to Typo / inside the Bluewaters Central Station from Monday to Thursday 9am – 11pm / Friday – Sunday 9am – 12pm (midnight) to learn about store locations, services, and other facilities.

    Available strollers, charging banks and wheelchairs.
  • Prayer rooms
    Mosque and prayer rooms available.
    Visit the Bluewaters map to plan your trip
    Know more
  • Toilets
    Public toilets, including toilets for people of determination, can be found throughout Bluewaters.
    Visit the Bluewaters map to plan your trip
    Know more
  • Baby changing facilities
    Convenient, practical, and well-maintained baby changing facilities available throughout Bluewaters.
    Visit the Bluewaters map to plan your trip
    Know more
  • Services for People of Determination
    Bluewaters welcomes everyone. We have a wide range of facilities for people of determination which includes;

    Wheelchairs are available at our Information Hubs.

    37 Dedicated car parks spread across all our parking facilities.

    Specialized washrooms.

    Ramp or elevator access across all our shopping levels.
  • Playground
    Located next to the Bluewaters Central Station (near The Pods)
  • Car wash
    Car wash services are available in all our parking facilities.
  • EZ Taxi
    Transportation around Bluewaters Island and to JBR, The Beach.
  • Wifi
    Stay connected and share your Bluewaters experience by using our complimentary Wi-Fi services.